On the Issues

Quality of Life & Public Safety:  I’m proud to be endorsed by leaders from nearly every neighborhood in San Mateo as their choice in championing the needs of our residents and families.  I’ll fight to ensure essential services such as 911, neighborhood police patrols and fire response, and parks and recreation services for all ages are maintained here in San Mateo.


Traffic and Smart Planning:  The number one concern I hear from my neighbors is our worsening traffic congestion. Our quality of life relies on the essential but unglamorous work of reducing traffic, fixing potholes, and ensuring our unique neighborhood character is not compromised by future development. Our City must be prepared to address these needs and challenges into the future.


Fiscal Accountability:  As an entrepreneur and small business owner, I know how to balance and prioritize a budget that maintains our fiscal health and the quality of life we rely on. Maintaining our excellent city services requires a proactive approach to saving money and paying down our City’s obligations, and managing taxpayer funds in a transparent, accountable manner.


Housing Affordability:  My family lives in the Aragon neighborhood; my mother in Beresford-Hillsdale; and my brother in North Central. And I want my son to be able to do so as well. We need a well-crafted approach to addressing housing affordability for future generations and the workforce such as the police officers, firefighters, and teachers who should be able to live in the community where they work.