“Rodriguez ... adheres to the idea that neighborhoods must be protected and that growth has to meet all of the community’s needs. Community input is central to his philosophy...”

-- San Mateo Daily Journal Endorsement Editorial (9/27/17)


“I can think of no one better than Eric Rodriguez to lead our City and maintain the quality of life you deserve.” 

-- State Senator Jerry Hill


"Eric is the right candidate right now. The challenges facing San Mateo require a balanced leader who can take us into the future without sacrificing the quality of life in our neighborhoods."

-- Supervisor Carole Groom


"Eric's education and business background make him uniquely qualified to tackle San Mateo's long-term financial challenges.  His broad base of support will make him a highly effective representative of our diverse community."    

-- Councilmember Maureen Freschet 



“I am supporting Eric Rodriguez for City Council because he has the leadership to tackle the complex issues facing our City.” 

-- Councilmember Diane Papan


"Eric's vision for San Mateo includes quality education for all of our children.  We need leaders who will partner with our school districts to proactively rally public awareness and support for our schools. As a member of the San Mateo City Council, Eric will do that." 

-- Dr. Cyndy Simms, SM-FC School District Superintendent (Ret.)


[All titles are for identification purposes only] 

State & County

Jerry Hill, California State Senator, 13th District

Don HorsleyPresident, San Mateo County Board of Supervisors

Carole Groom, Member, San Mateo County Board of Supervisors

Warren Slocum, Member, San Mateo County Board of Supervisors

Tom Huening, Member, San Mateo County Board of Supervisors (former)

Guillermo "Memo" Morantes, Trustee, San Mateo County Board of Education (former)

San Mateo City Council

Maureen Freschet, Council Member

Diane Papan, Council Member

Joe Goethals, Council Member [Please join me to help Re-elect Joe]

Jack Matthews, Council Member / Mayor (former)

Claire Mack, Council Member / Mayor (former)

Aron HoffmanCouncil Member / Mayor (former)

Other City Mayors and Council Members

Charles Stone, Mayor, City of Belmont

Davina Hurt, Council Member, City of Belmont

John Seybert, Mayor, City of Redwood City

Joe Galligan, Mayor, City of Burlingame (former)

Gina Papan, Vice Mayor, City of Millbrae

Wayne Lee, Council Member, City of Millbrae

Dan Quigg, Mayor, City of Millbrae (former)

Margaret Abe-Koga, Council Member, City of Mountain View

Newspapers & Organizations

The San Mateo Daily Journal (9/27/17 Endorsements Editorial)

San Mateo County Central Labor Council's Committee on Political Education 

San Mateo County Association of Realtors (SAMCAR) 

Marina Lagoon Action Committee (MLAC)

Evolve (evolve-ca.org)

California Apartment Association

San Mateo Commissioners

Dianne Whitaker, Planning Commissioner (Chair)

Greg St. Clair, Sustainability Commissioner/ Fiesta Gardens HOA

Jay KuhreSustainability Commissioner

Laurie WatanukiPublic Works Commissioner

Ellen Mallory UlrichPublic Works Commissioner

Cliff Robbins, Public Works Commissioner

Erika Powell, Public Works Commissioner (former)

Mike EtheridgeParks and Recreation Commissioner

Stan Watkins, Parks and Recreation Commissioner (former)

San Mateo Community Leaders and Neighborhood Residents

Anna Kuhre, San Mateo United Homeowners Association, President Emeritus 

Cynthia Newton, San Mateo United Homeowners Association, President

Cyndy SimmsSan Mateo-Foster City School District Superintendent (Ret.)

Jean Holbrook, San Mateo County Superintendent of Schools (Ret.)

Kelly Moran, Bay Meadows Neighborhood Alliance, President

Ben Toy, San Mateo United Homeowners Association, President (former)

Dennis Murphy, Glendale Village Neighborhood Association, President

Michael Weinhauer, Central Neighborhood Association, President

Bob Kiss, Sugarloaf Homeowners Association, President

Lisa Taner, Beresford Hillsdale Neighborhood Association, President

Peter Rau, Aragon Neighborhood Association, President (former)

Joanne Bennett, San Mateo United Homeowners Association, North Central Rep.

Ingrid Sponholz, San Mateo United Homeowners Association, Baywood Representative

Richard Lenz, San Mateo United Homeowners Association, Aragon Representative

Flo Bulatovich, San Mateo United Homeowners Association, Parrot Park Rep.

Diana PriskSan Mateo United Homeowners Association, Woodlake

Carol Conroy, San Mateo Postmaster (Ret.)

Nancy Yarbrough, Community Leader and San Mateo Heights Resident

Papia Gambelin, Director of Government Affairs/ Business Leader

Rich Hedges, Community Leader & Harbortown resident

Julie McAuliffe, Save the Bridgepointe Ice Rink Committee & Small Business Owner

Rosalyn Koo, Self-Help for the Elderly, Board Member 

Alan Talansky, San Mateo Area Chamber of Commerce, Board Member

Thomas Morgan, Candidate for SM-FC School District Board (Help Elect Tom)

Sylvia Lopez, San Mateo Area Chamber of Commerce, Director of Operations

Chris Eckert, Rotary Club of San Mateo, President

Tony Villanueva, Rotary Club of San Mateo, Past President

Bruce BeanHIP Housing, President of the Board of Trustees 

Shara Watkins, Candidate for SM-FC School District Board (Help Elect Shara)

Oleksii Chuiko, Police Activities League, Board Member

Rod Linhares, Beresford/Hillsdale Resident

Evan Powell, Central Neighborhood Resident

Tammie Pereira, Beresford/Hillsdale Resident & San Mateo Business Owner

Susan LewisParkside Resident

Walter Schwartz, Neighborhood Advocate & Beresford/Hillsdale Resident

Liz TitusFounder of the Aragon Neighborhood Association

Linda YatesFiesta Gardens Resident

Barbara Niss, Sunnybrae Resident

Tom ThompsonBeresford/Hillsdale Resident

Jane Bradley, Beresford/Hillsdale Resident

Oscar Lopez-GuerraHayward Park Resident

Ramiro Maldonado, Laurie Meadows Resident

Sherman Chan, Baywood Resident

Charlene Downs, Harbortown Resident

Irma Velasquez, Baywood Resident

Martha Phillips, San Mateo Highlands Resident

Mike Haddock, Laurelwood Resident

Mark Allen, 19th Avenue Park Resident & Local Small Business Owner

Masako & Pravan Ongole, Beresford/Hillsdale Residents

Mike Lee, Beresford/Hillsdale Resident

Mia Karamatsu, Beresford/Hillsdale Resident

John Brook, Edgewater Resident

John Segall, Baywood Resident

Jeff Lamont, Parkside Resident

Terry Fung, Foothill Terrace Resident

Vic CatanzaroParkside Resident

Linda Hoffman, Baywood Resident

Anthony AddessiLakeshore Resident

Lisa & Michael NashBaywood Residents

Amy ClausingBaywood Resident

Cheryl DeanHayward Park Resident

Lupei BrinicombeEdgewater Resident

Paul RogervilleHarbortown Resident

Mark & Lou McGeeAragon Residents

Michele OravecAragon Resident

Rick KarrHomestead Resident

Uve & Kathrin HiggenBay Meadows Residents

Mary E. MarpleHarbortown Resident

Judy Sher, Baywood Resident

Lori & Frank Cobo, Laurelwood Residents

Maurine & Daniel Swetlik, Central Neighborhood Residents

Nonnie Dinges, Foothill Terrace Resident

Stan & Joan Gross, Baywood Residents

Art Mahoney, Aragon Resident

Linda San Felipe, San Mateo Park Resident

Don & Annie Curry, Aragon Residents

Richard Delaney, Baywood Resident

Catherine Quigg, Laurelwood Resident

Sarah Del Rosso, Glendale Village Resident

Will & Bev Morenco, Glendale Village Residents

Ellen Wang, Beresford/Hillsdale Resident

Donald & Carolyn Huls, Glendale Village Residents

Jackie & Gerry Wentworth, San Mateo Park Residents

Sue Calderon, Beresford/Hillsdale Resident

Frank & Debbie Babbitt, Beresford/Hillsdale Residents

Darcy Gradinger, Baywood Knolls Resident



(Partial List)




Will you endorse?